Kyle gets tied

No, this isn’t a post about me getting strapped to a bed frame.  I went clothes shopping with my girlfriend, Jaz, the other day.  I’ve been wanting to see how I’d look in a nice dress shirt and a tie for a while now.  It’s a snazzy presentation and nice to have that option for certain occasions.  Jaz has mentioned more than once that she thought I’d look great in a tie and recently, Roxy made the request that I wear a tie for our date when she comes up later in January.  So if I chose to take the challenge, I had a deadline and I respond pretty well to deadlines.

And so I found myself in the men’s department of Macy’s, utterly confused about what the numbers on those shirts meant.  What did 15 1/2 32/33 mean?  The second pair of numbers seemed like a chest size, maybe the other was something to do with arms?  I fumbled around a little bit, and even Jaz was confused.  She asked me if I’d be comfortable asking the sales guy.  And I did.  I certainly wasn’t getting anywhere on my own.

So I stepped over to the counter and asked the nicely dressed and groomed young man if he could help me understand the shirt sizes.  He was very friendly, helpful, enthusiastic about the joys of men’s wear.  Didn’t seem to phase him at all that he was helping a woman find her men’s shirt size.  He pulled out his tape measure and got my neck and arm length, then informed me that I should be looking for a 16 to 16 1/2 neck, 32/33 in arm length.  Ahhhh, so that’s what the numbers mean.  I explained to him that I had tried a couple of shirts but had trouble in the chest area.  No problem, he said, stay away from fitted shirts.

With this knowledge, we very quickly came across a number of nice shirts that fit me in the arms, neck and chest.  I had no idea it could be that easy and satisfying.  Then we started looking at ties.  Oh, my god.. I thought shopping for women’s accessories was tough.  I had chosen a dark navy/black striped shirt and one with white/off white stripes.  The white shirt could support almost any tie, but the other one was a little trickier.  I was concerned about patterned ties on my subtly striped shirt.  Back to the sales guy we went.  He agreed that tie selection could be tricky but quickly helped us with a few guidelines.  He also gave us the URL of a tie tying site.  He gave a quick run down on some of the common knots and the various attitudes they conveyed and situations they were well suited for.  This guy really knows and enjoys his men’s wear.

We came back home with my new treasures, went to the tie tying site and tried the half-windsor first.  That was frustrating, so we went to the windsor and that was the winner.  The result is the guy in this picture, proudly sporting his first dress shirt and tie combination:

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