countdown and checklist

It’s Friday morning and my mind refuses to settle down.  I have ants in my pants and my mind is racing around, thinking about what I need to do before tomorrow.  Tomorrow around 4:00 pm, she arrives.  I’ll be there waiting, trying not to fall over from excitement.

Since I’m not traveling far from home, my checklist isn’t too long, but there are things I must get done:

1. clean out the truck.. it’s very messy and not suitable for transporting an out of town guest

2. iron nice dress shirt

3. practice tie tying.. she’s bring me a new tie.. I can’t wait to see it and I want to be able to tie it

4. … breathe …

 Number 4 is a big one cuz I keep catching myself holding my breath. 


And somehow, I’m supposed to keep it together at work and at home when I really want to go outside and howl at the moon. 

Ok, need to get back to work.. man, the next 28 hours and 16 or so minutes (depending on runway taxi time) are really going to be challenging.. wish me luck.

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