Butches in the A.M. enters 2009

…  I’d like to say we entered the new year gently and with lube, but really it started out with a gang bang.  Surf on over to the Butches in the A.M. blog and read our round-table discussion on the ways our online and offline lives overlap, collide and influence each other.  We had great participation from these lovely ladies:

Audacia Ray

Debauched Diva



Thank you, ladies and thanks to all our ‘listeners’.  Butches in the A.M. is a twitcast in the style of a radio talk show hosted by myself and NattNightly.  We twitcast on Fridays somewhere between 8 and 9 a.m. Pacific.  Natt and I are having fun with BitAM and we’re looking for ways to keep it going in a way that’s sustainable in terms of content and participation and also so that editing and posting the transcript isn’t too much work for Natt.

We’ll be brainstorming topics and looking at content to add to the blog.  If you’ve got ideas for us, please head over to the site and leave comments on this entry.

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