Announcing the Development of Kyle-Spawn Number 2

Some of you have seen me twitter about this, but this the official, blog based announcement:

My wife is pregnant with our second child, he or she is due July 22nd

We went to our first OB appointment today and heard the 160 bpm heartbeat of Number2, who is 12 weeks along.  This is exciting obviously, especially since we’ve been working toward this particular pregnancy for about 6 years.  We’ve been through a lot to get here and we’re finally starting to let our guard down, and allow ourselves to believe the good news.  Hearing the heartbeat was huge.  In a couple of months, we’ll see ultrasound and know even more about this kidlet.

My wife is feeling pretty good, no nausea, no food cravings or aversions, just mighty tired all the time.  I’m determined not to gain simpathy weight with her.. I worked very hard to lose mine and don’t want to backtrack now.  Luckily we’re moving into spring and summer and I’ll be very physically active.  My wife is looking forward to wearing cute sundresses and other pregnancy clothes.

Our daughter, who’s 9, is very excited about being an older sister and would prefer a girl.  I think it would be cool to have a boy, but we all just really want a healthy happy baby.

I’ll keep posting on our progress.  Thanks to all of you for your support and well-wishes.

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