A New Years Eve to Remember

I had a hot date on New Years Eve last week, with my sweet Jaz.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  My family was still in Florida, so the traditional night of games with friends was out and I figured I’d be going stag that evening.  Instead a lucky star must have been shining on me.

I worked that day and and we agreed to meet at my house after work.  We’d get a chance to reconnect, have something to eat and get gussied up together.  She said she had something special to wear and I told her she could help me pick out a shirt.  Those little domesticities make us happy.  Of course, being a girly girl, it took her much longer to get ready than me.  I sat and twittered happily, listening to her fix her hair and do her face.  I knew what the dress looked like on the hanger, but that was nothing to how it looked on her.

I heard her heels clicking on the wood floor as she came down the hallway toward the living room.  I stood in anticipation, but shouldn’t have.  I inhaled sharply as she stepped around the corner, for the reveal.  I realized I was holding my breath and gasped for air, still staring at her with my mouth open, jaw dropped.  There she was, a gorgeous womanly creature, standing in front of me, a little shy, eyes watching my reaction.  My knees felt weak.  I stumbled toward her, stammering praise in an incoherent stream.  Do you blame me?

After getting over the shock of realizing just how damned lucky I was that evening, we did our final preparations, and got some pictures to commemorate the event.  Yeah, I’m the slightly stupefied guy with the fabulously beautiful date.  My mind was racing ahead, envisioning her on my arm.

We went downtown to dance and flirt and enjoy each other’s company.  We both like showing each other off, though I definitely got the better end of that bargain.  We sat for a while, at the side of the dance floor, drinking our drinks, kissing liberally, touching, looking, talking, laughing .. all the wonderful little things you do when you have quality time with someone special.  A few people were up dancing, we were waiting, taking our time.  When we did get up to shake it together, it worked like it always does with us:  like we have a mental link, a shared understanding of how to move that makes for very hot dancing.  And, in a take off of something Sinclair has written about, the way we dance together is a great indication of how we move in more intimate settings.  I love the way she moves, I love being her date. Standing up, holding out my hand, watching her eyes sparkle as she puts hers in mine and allows me to lift her off the seat for another turn on the dance floor, I’m spilling over with happiness and pride.  She makes me feel courtly, the man to her outrageously sexy woman.

We danced a fair amount that night, and in between we ogled women together, sharing our love of the female form in a way that brought us closer.  One dance in particular stands out though.  It was more of a performance than a dance.  Michael Jackson’s ‘Wanna be Starting Something’ began and I looked at her with a smile.  Great song, old school MJ, great song for us to dance to.  I stood, held out my hand, she got up and stepped past me.  Then she stopped, pulled out a chair and positioned it on the edge of the dance floor.  I was standing next to her.  She took my hand, positioned me in front of it and pushed me down, onto the seat.  What followed was the best lap dance of my life, with a very appreciative audience enjoying it with me.  She shook and shimmied and gyrated me into a frenzy.  I performed a bit, as well, dancing in my chair, encouraging her.  I only had eyes for her every move, but I knew the room was watching us, cheering us on, applauding.  I really really wish someone had video taped that dance, because it was hot.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Yes.  I love this woman.  She fulfills many fantasies for me and I try my best to do the same for her.  We stayed until after midnight, kissing each other into 2009.  I know we were both making the same wishes for each other: have a wonderful year, be outrageously happy, make your dreams come true.

We left soon after, having built up a hunger for each other that was only growing more fierce.  We didn’t get very far before giving into our desire.  Jaz is a master of oral manipulation and I’d barely gotten into the driver’s seat before she was unfastening my pants to give me the blow job of a lifetime.  I still tingle when I think about it.

The whole night leaves me tingly.  It was the perfect way to end our year together and a great way to start the new one.  Throughout that night and the next day, we affirmed both our deep love for each other and our hopes for the future.  These hopes for each other include involvements and relationships with other people, as well as our relationship, which continues to grow and evolve.

Jaz, we’ve come a long way, baby, and I can’t wait to see what 2009 has in store for us, both together and as individuals.  I love you, sweetheart.

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