Reviewing the Ophoria Bliss No. 12

I’m gonna preface this review by saying that I’m a “strong vibe” kind of person.  I haven’t found a battery powered vibrator that can really get me off yet, not on its own, so I was very interested in trying this one out for Babeland.  The Ophoria Bliss No. 12 has many useful features, including 5 different vibration patterns. It measures 7″ x 1 3/4″, is made of silicon with a velvety and rippled exterior, but it’s not strong enough to finish me off without calling in reinforcements.

When I’m solo, my usual method is to plant a vibrator on my clit and flip through my wank bank until I find something useful.  More and more I want a cock inside as well.  I tried the Bliss on my clit first, but it’s not strong enough to get me more than warmed up.  The pulsing vibration patterns were actually disconcerting when applied there.  So I went to Plan B, putting my trusty vibrator on my clit, and slipping the lubed up Bliss inside.  I played with the 5 vibration patterns, deciding the pulsing pattern didn’t play well with the strong external vibration.. but found a good combination eventually.  With a little creative visualization and careful repositioning, I was able to get off quite nicely.

I haven’t used the Bliss enough to know how long it will run on its two AA batteries, but at least they’re easy to replace.. even if I have to rummage around a bit.


  • The Ophoria Bliss No. 12 is pretty quiet, I doubt you can hear it outside a room, and probably not over a phone, either.
  • The 7 tapered inches felt good when inserted and used as a dildo
  • Having a variety of vibration patterns is nice, plenty to explore
  • Takes AA batteries, replacements are easy to find
  • Since it’s made of silicon, the Bliss is hypoallergenic, nonporous, Phthalate-free, easy to clean and warms up quickly.  The surface has a friendly velvet feel.


  • The on-off and vibration setting button is on the end, and although it’s not easy to shut off accidentally (have to hold the button down), it is easy to switch vibe settings, which could really tick you off if you’re close to orgasm at the time.  It happened to me several times.
  • Takes AA batteries, which makes me wonder how long each pair lasts.
  • Vibrations aren’t all that strong, if you’re like me and need it hardcore, this probably won’t finish you off

Over all rating: 3 boots out of 5


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