Reviewing the Jimmyjane Iconic Pocket

Aka the Pocket Rocket

I gave the Iconic Pocket  I received from Babeland a tryout one night recently, hoping it would have enough power to take me to my happy place. Sadly, it did not but it was still fun to try. Though small, it’s as powerful as the Ophoria Bliss No. 12 that I reviewed not long ago. But even with that disappointment, I felt more product testing was in order.

And so, I brought the Iconic Pocket to my girlfriend’s one night, thinking it might work for her where hadn’t for me and I was right. With her straddling me, she slipped that little, buzzing device between us, against her clit, and got off several, very wet, times. Can device be used in partner play? Check-a-roony.

Ever the diligent investigator, I also brought this little wonder with me on my cross-country holiday flight. I packed it in my carry on, along with my emergency toiletries. Nary a peep from security, but that may be due to its subtle appearance – it looks more like a fancy inhaler than a vibrator. I was concerned it would be too loud for stealth use on the plane, but that’s because I’d forgotten how loud airplanes are. Once I finally got on the plane (it’s one of those holiday travel horror stories), I was seated with a nice young couple from Ballard. The guy, who fell asleep at a moment’s notice, was seated next to me. I had my neck pillow in place and my coat draped over me like a blanket. I realized I had an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. I retrieved my Pocket Rocket and activated it under my coat. As I have indicated in a previous review, it takes a lot of vibration power to get me off, and the Iconic Pocket, as powerful as it is for its size, couldn’t do it for me on the plane.. but it was a pleasant diversion.  If you are someone who can get off with less power,  let it be known that you can vibrate your pocket, and more, using this device, on an airplane, without being discovered. (See, even if a device doesn’t get *me* off, I know you expect me to dig in and get the details. I am your investigative reporter, for the greater sexual good.)


  • The Iconic Pocket is small, easily carried in a pocket, purse, or laptop bag (4-1/2″ x 1″)
  • Single AA battery, as much vibrating power as a larger vibrator, using half the battery power
  • Can be used in flight, after the aircraft is airborne and noisy
  • Price is good for the power it gives you in a small, portable vibrator
  • Made of hard plastic, it’s easy to clean (don’t submerge or boil though), contains no phthalates


  • still not powerful enough to get me off on its own

Rating: for me, 2 of 5 boots, for my girlfriend it was probably more of a 4, so we’ll average to 3


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