Office Visit

It was late summer, almost fall.  She’d been working long hours preparing for a fundraiser and the summer had flown by in fast forward.  That night, once again, she was laboring away in the office, long after everyone else had gone home.

There was a knock on the door.  It startled her so much, she jumped in her seat.  It was late and she wasn’t expecting anyone.  She peeked out a window to see who was at the door.  A man in a ball cap and blue jacket with a logo stood on the front step, looking away, casually scanning the street.  He was holding a box under his arm.  A delivery at this time of night?  She open the door just enough to peek out and ask, “Hello? Can I help you?”   When the man looked up from under his hat, she recognized the green eyes looking into hers, and she invited me in.

“Hey, darlin’, working late again I see”,  I dropped my cap and jacket onto a chair, and put the contents of the box onto a work table: a cocktail shaker and some ice, two martini glasses and some olives.  As I poured the chilled contents, she moved behind me to run her hands down my back and squeeze my ass.  Before she could go any further, however, I swung around and handed her a drink.

“Sit down, take a load off, you’ve worked hard enough today.  You deserve a break, baby.”

“Ok, but just for a little bit, I really need to get this done tonight”, she protested, vaguely waving at a pile of paper on her desk, but her protest lacked conviction, and she sat down, taking a sip of her martini.

I took a sip of mine and put it down, kneeling at her feet.  I gently took off her sandals, first stroking the backs of her calves and placing a kiss on each knee.  Then I began to massage her feet, to her obvious pleasure.

“Oh, my god, that feels so good… shit, I’m so tired, baby”, another sip of martini slid down her throat and she reached down to stroke my head as I continued to stroke and kneed the muscles of her feet.

“I’d give them both more time, but I know you need to get stuff done”, I looked up at her and smiled, then ran both hands up the backs of her legs.

“mmmmmmmm”, she purred and leaned back into her chair, closing her eyes.

I worked her calves, around her knees, carefully avoiding the ticklish spots, and begin to massage her thighs.

“ohhh, honey, you know you’re gonna get me started,” again, her protest was weak, more of moan than speech.

“Yes, dear, I’m counting on it”, and with that I took the drink out of her hand and planted a kiss on her lips.  We got lost in that kiss for a long moment and by the time we came up for air, my hands are at her hips and I knew she was wet and ready.

I give her another quick kiss and ran my face down the front of her body, leaning with my full weight, pausing to nuzzle her full breasts and pinch her nipples lightly between my teeth.  I slipped my fingers under the edge of her sun dress and pushed it back, pressing my face between her legs, smelling her sexy, wonderful pussy in big huffing breaths.  it was intoxicating.

“mmmm, girl, you smell so good, I need to taste you.”

“Oh god”, is all she can gasp as she set her drink aside once more and ran her fingers through my hair, getting a handful.  I pressed into her through her panties, then ran my tongue along the edge of the elastic.  I looked up at her, watching her face as she reacted to what I was doing: flushed, eyes almost closed, head leaning back, mouth open and panting already.  I licked her through the fabric, sucking her wetness through it. I was so hard for her, I could barely restrain myself, but managed to be fairly civilized in removing the last bit of cloth that separated me from her.  Meanwhile, she slid farther down the chair, trying to get closer to my face.  I lifted her thighs up to rest on my shoulders, and dug into her with a wildness that had us both gasping for breath.  I ran my tongue from her clit to her ass and back again, pausing here and there to drive her desire, to bring out more of her sweetness.  Sucking loudly on her clit, I slipped inside her with my fingers, stroking, pulling and prodding her until she came in my mouth.

I lapped up her wetness, covering her pussy with broad strokes of my tongue.  I wiped my face on the shoulder of my t-shirt and looked up at her again, seeing that happy satisfied look I love so much.  I drew myself up to kiss her again, deeply, holding her face in my hands.

As I stood, handing her the drink, she come back to the present.

“Hey, come back here, I want to return the favor, stud.”

“Oh, no ma’am.  It’s been my pleasure,” and, shooting her that shit eating grin she knows so well and tipping my hat.  Then I turned on my heel and left.

Later, as I held her soft sexiness close to my body, she told me that she’d sat there in her seat for the longest time, not wanting to move and break the mood.  She didn’t get all her tasks done that night, but it had been one of the best days she’d had a work in ages.

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