Microfantasy Monday week 7: snow

This week’s theme, from the Sweltering Celt is ‘Snow’

Remember that time in the snow, baby?

We tromped across the parking lot through the snow, surface crusty with ice, giggling and pushing, tossing snow balls at each other. We stopped under the eve of the church, red cheeked, catching our breath. You pulled me close and we kissed, the heat rising in our bodies so quickly I half expected to see steam rising from our damp coats. I pushed you against the wall, hidden from the street by a large bush, and pulled off one glove. I reached under your winter coat and pushed my hand down into your snow pants. You gasped at how cold my hand was, and I chuckled, quickly kissing you again as a distraction.

Reaching between your legs, I felt how wet you were, and warm.. warm and inviting. You gasped again and moaned saying, “Yes, please, baby… ” Quickly, I entered you and bounced your ass against the brick wall, burying my face into your neck, nuzzling aside your long blond hair and gripping your shoulder with my teeth.

Just as you reached your peak and your voice began to rise in earnest, you flailed with one of your arms, striking a snow laden branch on the bush next to us. Snow fell on us, your orgasm hit and then we collapsed against the church wall, kissing and laughing in a winter wonderland.

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