Microfantasy Monday week 6: boots

 This week’s theme from the Sweltering Celt is another simple one: “Boots”


My boots lie on the floor, in a heap with your heels.  They seem tangled in some kind of afterglow of footwear sex.. propped against each other, toes intimately spooning.  Fully relaxed, in no hurry to get on with their footwear to do lists. 

We lie in a similar heap, legs and arms still tangled where we left them, after I slid over to your side, hot and wet and exhausted with sweat and sex, and the intensity of us.  My foot under yours, holding it, wanting to hold all of you, wanting to hold us in this moment.  No deadlines, no to do lists, no other people or responsibilities.  Just an unhurried pile of you and me, nestled against each other, against the world.

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