Microfantasy Monday, week 5 : Sliding Glass Doors

Again, the Celt gives us a very sparse prompt.

Sliding. Glass. Doors.


I’m sitting on a balcony, at a friend’s apartment in the city, sipping a beer, waiting for her to come home from work. It’s hot and muggy and everyone has doors and windows open to catch any stray breeze.  My shorts and tank are damp from sweat and I haven’t moved in an hour, at least.  From where I’m sitting, I can glance down and see the sliding glass door of an apartment across the courtyard. It’s partially open, about a foot and a half. The curtain obscures my view of the apartment except for through that gap. There’s a woman inside, I see flashes of her as she walks past the door.

She must be sitting in a chair just out of sight. I see one leg,  then another, she extends them as she pulls off her panty hose. I see a flash of her hand, tossing her panties. I see her black lace bra dropped to the floor, visible through the opening. Now she’s standing, placing a hand on the door handle. Will she close it?

No, she steps in front of the door, gloriously nude, and glances around at the alley walkway below. Then she looks up, directly at me, directly into my eyes, which are taking her in. I smile and lift my beer bottle to her.

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