Flight Delay

I’d never flown during the Christmas holiday season before and based on my experience that day, I didn’t ever want to do it again. My flight had been delayed for 3 hours already, snow flurries, broken deicers and delayed incoming flights had all but paralyzed the Seattle airport. I had moved beyond pissed off at this point, and had adopted an attitude of resignation. My connecting flight to Florida would leave JFK without me, there was nothing I could do about that, I was still trying to get out of Seattle. Sitting along the wall near a power outlet, I was perusing my collection of girlfriend photos, when I realized someone was staring at me.

I glanced her direction out of the corner of my eye, to confirm she was looking at me and not the guy next to me. Confirmation came in the form of a wink and a nod. She was stunning with dark hair and eyes, and skin the color of my coffee in the morning. She wore a shortish sweater dress that wrapped itself snuggly around her, even though she was seated at the moment. She was at the adjoining gate, the one sending people to Dallas. I returned her smile and cocked my head to one side, questioningly. She lifted her chin slightly and raised an eyebrow. I consider myself a student of body language, so I thought I knew what she was asking, the question was, should I go for it? I looked at my watch and considered the time remaining. There was time before I boarded, and she was very sexy.

I answered her with a tilt of my head in the direction of the restrooms and a lifted eyebrow. Her smile grew wider and she began to gather her things. She rose to her feet and looked at me again, eyebrow raised and a challenge in her eyes. Then she tossed her hair across her shoulders and headed to the women’s restroom without a backward glance.

I rose to my feet, shouldered my backpack and followed her.

I walked slowly past each empty stall until I’d reached the next to the last one. I moved to the doorway and there she was, standing with one foot on the toilet seat, her dress lifted up and one hand inside her black lace panties. I stepped in, dropped my backpack and closed the stall door. Hanging my coat on the hook, I took the one step between us and placed one hand on her waist, and the other went to her hair, running my fingers through it until they lodged at the back of her neck. Without a word, I brought her face toward me and kissed her deeply. Her hand was busily working within the lace, and I released her hair and pushed my hand in to join hers.

She was wet and her clit was plump. She pulled her hand out of her panties, and leaned back away from my kiss, pushing her moist, fragrant fingers into my mouth. I slurped them greedily and let her fuck my mouth as my fingers slid inside her, thumb slipping over her clit. I could tell right away this wouldn’t take long, she knew how to work within time constraints. I stroked at her swollen G-spot, taking her fingers deeply into my mouth. My left hand stroked her ass, grabbing it, pulling her into me, faster, as I fucked her harder. I pushed her panties down farther, and reaching to stroke her asshole. She responded by moaning loudly and bucking her hips wildly, her breath coming in ragged gasps now. I could hear voices at the entrance of the restroom; we were running out of time. She must have heard them too, because she removed her fingers from my mouth, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and thrust hard against me. She held that position with my fingers buried deep within her cunt and her orgasm pulsing. She gushed suddenly, her body quivering, knees starting to buckle. I wrapped an arm around her waist, unwilling to pull out of her yet.

We held that pose in silence, breathing into each other’s shoulders for a few moments. Then she pulled herself back, off of my fingers, but kept her hold on my shoulders, knees still not trustworthy. I smiled at her and pulled her soaking panties back into place, giving her pussy a goodbye squeeze. She rearranged her dress, while I sucked her juice off my fingers and hand.

We both heard the page, telling us her flight was finally ready to board. Coat and bag in hand, she squeezed past me to the door, then turned and reached out to squeeze my crotch.

“Maybe next time, stud, look for me.”

And, well, who knows?

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