Microfantasy Monday #2: offering

I followed the instructions I received via text. Knock three times and wait. He opened the door, smiled without a word and ushered me in. We walked down a hallway and then downstairs to the basement. A large room dominated by a raised and padded platform. But that was secondary to the woman on display there. Voluptuous, curvy, carmel-colored skin highlighted by the glow of candles arranged in a ring on high shelves around the room. She was on her knees, facing away from me, giving me a full view of her luscious ass and pussy.

I looked at him and he nodded, indicating that I should go forward and get started. I dropped my jacket into a chair and rolled up my sleeves. Walking around the platform, I took it all in: long dark hair obscuring her face somewhat, her eyes fixed on the platform below her, but obviously straining to see me with her peripheral vision. Her heavy breasts, clipped and connected by a thin chain. Her breathing growing heavier by the moment. Standing at her side, I placed my fingertips at the base of her neck, stroking downward along her spine. Her ass raised up as her back dipped down, offering it to me. I took the offering, giving her ass a good hard smack, then another and a few more. She gasped, moaned and strained to push herself farther up in the air. I paused and looked over the toys arranged on a table next to the platform. Choosing a paddle, I ran it down the spine, retracing the path my fingers had taken. This time a low moan escaped her throat and her hips began to move. The paddle slid between her cheeks and below, until it was against her clit. Her moans were louder now and she worked herself against the paddle. I reached up and pulled her hair away from her face, then thrust two fingers into her mouth. She started sucking them immediately, eager to please me and hoping I’d please her. I enjoyed watching my fingers slide in and out of her tightly pursed lips, and my butch cock twitched in response and in anticipation.

Her ass needed more attention. The paddle came down again and again, hard and soft, sometimes in rapid succession and sometimes off rhythm to catch her by surprise and build up anticipation. Her moans were muffled but louder. I heard his belt buckle clink and then the sound of his zipper coming down. I’d almost forgotten he was in the room, watching from a chair in the darkened corner. Soon, my belt would be loosened as well and I would fuck that beautifully reddened and warmed up ass.

This is exactly what the birthday girl had asked for.

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