Microfantasy Monday #1

The Sweltering Celt put out an open invitation to join her on Microfantasy Mondays and this is my first run at the very short form:

I’d been working hard that afternoon, pulling ivy off the fenceline and trees between my neighbor’s yard and mine. I leaned against a large cedar, letting the sweat dry and draining half of my water bottle. Across the fence, my neighbor was also working outside, painting the side of her house. Her tanned thighs were exposed by her very short shorts, the side of her breast visible through the armhole of her boyfriend’s tank top. She couldn’t see me, screened by greenery, and I reached down to grab my crotch. I looked down in surprise, realizing that some of the buttons in my fly were open, then slipped my hand inside, cupping my pussy. I was slick on contact, and looked back up to watch my neighbor.

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