In Review: Getting a closer look at Jaguar

Thanks to a writing contest sponsored by Agent Ansley, I recently received a new Jaguar harness from Babeland.

With a dildo harness, what I’m looking for is fit, utility and comfort. I don’t want to have to fuss with it a lot and I want to be able to get it on quickly. Once it’s on, I want it to stay in place, not pinch or ride or loosen up. It also needs to keep everything positioned correctly. One of the cocks I use, Big Boy, is rather stout and has a wide base with faux-balls. The harness I got for it doesn’t keep it in place. I can count on that thing going sideways in the middle of a fuck and/or slip out of my partner at an inopportune time. That isn’t ok. Cocks should be seen and felt and not need tons of adjusting and accommodation. I also want to be comfortable, not just while fucking, but before and after. I want to lounge around with my cock on without feeling like I’m enduring some painful experience. Not from the harness, anyway.

Enough about my old gear, on to the Jaguar. My first impression was “wow, this is a nice looking harness.” The black leather shone, as did the snaps. I lifted it out of the box like a kid at Christmas and gave it a good sniff. Damn, nothing like the smell of leather to give me a hard-on. Not only did it look and smell good, it felt good. The leather is smooth and supple, and it’s light-weight. I gave the seams a good yank, it’s not coming apart any time soon. The Jaguar is made by Aslan Leather, and like my old one, is a 2-strap harness, but that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. The Jaguar leather is finished on all sides. My old harness uses thicker straps and is unfinished on the inside, making it uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time.

I changed out the O-ring the Jaguar came with to fit the cock I was using that night, Big Boy, 6″ inches long by 1 7/8, with that large base. I made slight adjustments to the harness and very quickly it was holding the cock snuggly against me. As advertised, the cock base sat right on my clit. That’s a great feeling, I felt like I was connected to it in a much more intimate way than if the cock were higher up.

This harness is absolutely the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn. Besides the older Aslan harness, I have a G-String style harness. There are benefits to the G-String, for sure, having the strap across the clit is a big benefit. The Jaguar eliminates that advantage by putting the cock on your clit, which, I can say with certainty, works much better for me. During sex, even very energetic sex, the harness stayed in place, didn’t get in the way or otherwise call attention to itself. Because the Jaguar positioned my cock in a slightly lower position, I could use it in a more natural way… without worrying so much about it slipping out of my partner or going sideways (seriously, I’ve had issues with Big Boy getting out of control sometimes). And, for the first time, I was able to have multiple orgasms while fucking my partner that way.

Another advantage of the 2 strap harness is accessibility. Not only is the wearer fully accessible while keeping the harness on, it’s much easier to pee without taking it off or yanking something out of the way. And if you’re like me and intend to wear it for hours, that kind of practicality is much appreciated.

Again, this harness is amazingly comfortable. I never had to readjust it after the initial time, it didn’t dig into me, or ride up or do anything else uncalled for. I felt hot and sexy with it on. I read one review that complained about pussy cover limiting access. My mons was covered, true, but I was able to get clit action and be fully fucked without taking the gear off. I wore the Jaguar all night long. Yep, I slept in my gear. It was *that* comfortable and it was delightful to snuggle up to my girlfriend with my gear on, and I was ready for more lovin’ when we woke up in the morning.

I know Ansley’s a big fan of the Jaguar and had read other great reviews, but wearing was believing. I won’t hesitate to recommend the Jaguar to partners, friends and random acquaintances.

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