Halloween fun


 When Jazzy and I went out on Halloween this year, it was an almost last minute decision.  Friday is our normal date night, so a night of snuggling and hot sex would normally have been on our agenda.  Oh, and she’d ordered a special costume to wear just for me, so I was excited.  But Halloween is practically a queer holiday and the opportunity to show off my girlfriend in the midst of hot, sweaty, freaky-looking queers could not be passed up.  I scrambled to pull together a costume suitable for the evening’s festivity and ended up looking vaguely cowboyish.  My sweet Jaz — though very naughty — decided to cover her new costume with something she could go out in public wearing.

We took some time to get pictures and fool around a little… I had to take advantage of that short skirt, after all.  Then we headed out to Club Silverstone, a queer establishment in downtown Tacoma.

The club was hopping when we got there, but we still found a table and the waitress recognized us, which means we’d get good service.  We hung out there for a bit, listening to the dance floor’s thumping music through the wall.  It was nice to pause and take time for flirting in person, for expressing our affection through lots of PDA and taking in the sites and sounds of Halloween in a queer bar.   There was the usual mix of bizarre, slutty and cute, with slutty variations being the predominant ones.  Think slutty nurse, slutty maid, slutty kitty.   The waitress wasn’t exactly being slutty, but she did lean over a table next to me and put her ass in close proximity with my face.  Jaz thinks she likes me, and maybe that’s why she makes sure I get my beers so quickly.  I didn’t disagree.

Before too long, we were ready to shake some booty, so Jaz went ahead to find a spot on the dance floor and I stayed behind to get another beer on my tab.  I was standing there, leaning against a pillar, taking it all in when a nearby group of gay men motioned for me to come over.  I leaned over their table, we introduced ourselves, well I introduced myself as Kyle, which is the first time I’ve done that in RL.  They wanted to tell me how amazing they thought I looked.  This surprised me, a middle aged butch dyke is hot to a group of young attractive young faggots?  Maybe it was my package.  Oh, forgot to tell you that.  I was packing out of the home for the first time ever.  I still don’t have a proper packing cock, but I stuffed one of my cocks into my briefs and it worked rather nicely.  Oh, and the briefs were new too.  Just bought some this week and started wearing them.  I really like ’em, I got Hanes briefs in white and colors.  Made sure to mention it to my wife since she does the laundry, wanted to make sure we hadn’t gotten someone elses undies.  I haven’t worn my girl panties in days.

So I was doing the butch lean in a packed queer bar and managed to turn on some gay men.. I’m counting that as points for me.  Eventually I got my second beer and worked my way into the next room, the one with the throbbing music, throbbing lights and throbbing bodies.  Wouldn’t you know that my sweet little girlfriend was dancing close and personal next to a very tall and almost completely naked man.  The most nakedest person in the place… I was so not surprised

My cock rested against right against my clit, which made dancing close to my girlfriend quite a treat for both of us, and we danced close a lot.  But the time we left, we were both on the brink of orgasm and I’d made a puddle in my briefs.  Outside, when we reached the passenger side of my truck, I pushed her up against the cab and, if you’ve read my Truckside Quicky, you know what happened next.  Then we left, wanting to get back to her place as quickly as possible.

We didn’t get far.  She slid over the bench seat to me, and started stroking my cock.  Between the beers I’d had and the constant over-stimulation all night, I could barely think already, and trying to drive the streets away from the bar with her working me that way, was impossible.  Through gritted teeth I said to her, “I’m gonna find some place to pull over and you’re gonna suck my cock.”  Her response was an almost sinister laugh and she had a carniverous look, “Yes, baby, find a place to pull over.”

And so we found ourselves parked on a hill, her working my cock against my clit, me watching her head bob up and down between my legs.  Honestly one of the highlights of my sexual life.  We fogged up the windows in a hurry and she made me come loudly just before a pedestrian hurried by us on the sidewalk.

After that, my head cleared a bit and we continued to make our way to her place.  She was pretty pleased with herself and started teasing me by opening her legs and lifting her skirt up.  Damn sexy tease.  I reached over and ran my fingertips from her knee to the top of her garter.  She moaned and leaned back.  My turn.  I reached under her very short skirt and traced the edges of her vinyl G-string.  She squirmed, I kept my eyes on the road, mostly.  We weren’t on the freeway yet, so I had to shift several times but inbetween gear changes, I was stroking her and pulling at the front of her G-string, pulling it up between her labia, against her clit.  We hit the freeway and I could finally get more serious.  I pulled the strap back and forth across her clit, she moaned and thrashed and came again.  We were within a mile of her exit when I grabbed her pussy, hard.  She shuddered and moaned my name.  I squeezed, and pulled at her, hard and harder, like a very vigorous deep tissue massage.  I wasn’t nice and she didn’t need or want me to be.

Shortly, we arrived her place, and continued our fabulous evening.

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