Truckside Quicky

We walk from the club, the cool air feels good after the sticky heat of the dance floor.  I reach for your hand and you offer it to me.  It’s a simple gesture, and it feels good.  I like how our hands fit together.  We walk along the side walk, dodging other late nighters and laughing about some silly inside jokes.

My truck is around the corner, in a lot.  I step ahead of you as if to open your door, but instead I pull you into me.  I hold you there for a moment and your body begins to melt into mine, your eyes expectant.  Instead of kissing you, I swing you around and push you against the truck.  Your eyes widen in surprise and then you smile.  I put my hands against the truck, on either side of your shoulders, pinning you there.  I press myself against you, pelvis first.

All night long, We’ve been driving each other crazy on the dance floor, at our table.  The heat between us is now at a fever pitch.  I’m standing with my crotch against yours, pressing my pubic bone into you and I lift myself up slightly, pulling at you. I swear I can feel you swollen clit through my jeans. 

“Ahhhhhhh, unnnn” you breathe, and reach your hands around my shoulders.  We kiss, softly at first, tasting each other, my tongue circling yours as I pull it into my mouth.  I continue to circle your tongue with mine, pulling gently and then work the tip, as if I were giving it head.  You groan loudly and thrust yourself against me.

Just then we hear voices, someone going toward their vehicle, a few yards away.  We’re not under a street light, but we’re not invisible either.  You break off the kiss and look their direction and I take full advantage of your distraction.

With my right hand, I reach down and squeeze your knee.  Your head swings back around and you look at me.  You’ve got a smile and a question on your face.  I smile back, that lopsided smile that combines so well with the ‘don’t give a shit’ look in my eyes.  I draw my hand up your leg until I reach your skirt, then continue. 

My thumb slips nicely into the crease at the top of your thigh, and I squeeze you there, at the same time pushing against you again with my body.  You make a half-hearted attempt to push my hand back down, but you can’t, I’m too strong.  You try to squeeze your legs together, but I just chuckle and knock them back open with my knee.  Looking straight in your eyes, still wearing that cocky grin, I grab you by the pussy.  You’re so wet, I know you want me, you want me bad.  So glad you didn’t wear hose, this’ll be so much easier.

More people walk by on the sidewalk, you glance that direction and make a small noise in the back of your throat, but I’m not going to stop now.  I work the top of your panties down enough to get my hand inside them.  At this point, your gasping and your head is starting to go back.

“Be quiet, or I’ll stop.”  Your body stiffens at the command in my voice and you have a hurt look on your face.  “You can do it, babe.”

To help out, I push my tongue into your mouth, deeply, while sliding two fingers on either side of your clit.  Your hands are in my hair, pulling my mouth into yours harder, I work you almost to the point of climax.  I stop and you gasp again, this time with a pissed off look on your face.

“Baby”, I say,”would I leave you hanging?”

I push your panties down farther, kick your legs out a little wider and reach my left arm around your waist, holding you tightly against my body, straddling your leg.  I slip two fingers inside of you and you moan loudly enough to catch a momentary look from passerby.  I chuckle into your ear and move my thumb up to circle your clit.  I push against my hand with my thigh, pressing deeply inside you.  You bury your face into my shoulder and that drowns out most of the moans and cries you make as I work you to a shuddering climax. 

Your knees almost buckle, and I catch you, holding you against me, while you catch your breath.  I put your panties back in place, giving your pussy a goodbye squeeze and straighten your skirt.

“We should be going”, I say as I open your door.

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