that moment

There is that moment, right before climax, where you abandon yourself.  Together, we make the approach, but now, moments before we reach the destination, you leave me behind.  I recognize this as a profound statement of trust.  You trust me to bring you here, you trust me to not interrupt, you trust me to stay with your body while it climaxes, while your conscious mind is mostly absent.  It’s almost like a blackout, that moment.  You aren’t consciously in control your body, your face, your voice.  You trust me to be with you in that moment, when you give yourself fully to your desire.  I cherish that trust and return it, fully, in my moment.

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4 Responses to that moment

  1. Jazzy says:

    There is nothing like that moment of being able to trust someone in this way. The feeling of that precious moment that 2 people share, the love, the passion, being able to give and take, this kind of trust is something that doesn’t come along everyday. In that moment I’ve learned to allow myself to be fully engulfed in the freedom of letting go of all of my inhibitions, anything that might hold me back from fully opening up to desire and passion.

  2. butch boo says:

    Just wish she wasn’t so noisy!!

    Neighbours are complaining!!!!



  3. Kyle says:

    BB, LOL, yeah, the girlfriend and I are both quite loud and sometimes we just let it rip, regardless. I do find that a hand placed over the mouth at the right moment can not only cut the noise, but occasionally increase the ardor… it can also get you bit.

  4. roxy says:

    Isn’t it beautiful when people share that moment of being totally themselves? Two bodies, alone together, in perfect simplicity.

    Some like incense and mantras, but this is my meditation.

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