Tagged! Seven facts, plus a few bonuses

I’ve been tagged by Greg and NattNightly so I’m not sure if I owe you all 14 facts or just 7… as a compromise, I’ll give you 7 plus a bonus fact.

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1. I have an ATA in Electronics.  I have a soldering iron and know how to use it

2. I love all kinds of porn, straight porn, dyke porn, but my very very favoritist get-off-every-time-pron is features gay men… don’t know why, don’t care why, maybe it just appeals to my inner faggot.  My favorite video of that genre is from Europe which seems to find plenty of very nice looking, tattooed, muscular guys to populate their vids.

3. I’ve got a rebuilt ACL in my right knee.  Injured it playing soccer.  The new ACL was created using pieces of my hamstring.  That was late 2001.  By November of 2002, I was playing soccer at the Sydney Gay Games. 

4. I am a karaoke slut.  I find it very hard to not partake of karaoke if I happen to be in a place where it’s happening.  I’m also pretty darned good and have had people walk up after my performance with swoony praise. 

5. I don’t have a gall bladder anymore, it made a big fuss and had to be removed.

6. In late 1999, I almost died.  I was pregnant with my daughter and got pre-eclampsia.  Within a week of that diagnosis, I’d had a c-section and given birth, otherwise we both would have died.  My daughter was 9 weeks early and weighted only 2 lbs 3 oz.  She’s a very healthy almost 9 year old third grader now.

7.  I’m a beer snob.  With the exception of very hot days, or vacations in Mexico, I shun anything lighter than an Amber micro brew.  My preference is for porters.

Bonus fact #1:

** I have partied with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart.  They are very cool.  That was back in the mid 80s, when I had long permed hair… YIKES!!

Bonus fact #2:

  ** I have lived my whole life in the same county.

Bonus fact #3 (because I like things in threes):

  ** I was born on Albert Einstein’s birthday

 Who can I tag who hasn’t been already…?

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Honey:  because she asked, pretty please, even though she’s already been hit once.

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