On Community, This One

And by ‘this one’ I mean the community of people who read and comment on this blog, and who write the blogs I have newly discovered, which are represented in my blogroll.  I feel very grateful and privileged to be included among you.  I appreciate your thoughtful posts and comments.  This is a group of smart, funny, thoughtful and supportive people.

Like many of you, I discovered this community after I’d discovered Sugarbutch.  I found Sinclair’s blog not long ago and decided right away I wanted to read everything, starting at the beginning.   As I read more and more, I could really relate to much of what Sinclair was writing about, his triumphs, his struggles.  I was also inspired by the smut, having done a little private smut writing myself, I became more and more excited about the idea of finding a wider audience.  From that starting point, I discovered many other wonderful blogs written by butch and femme identified people.  I felt a sense of recognition and relief.  Very much the case of finding something I was looking for even though I didn’t realize I was looking.  And I was really psyched about getting to know everyone better and telling my story.

Special thanks goes to those who encouraged and advised me as I was conceiving this blog:  Sinclair, Leo, Greg, Bren Ryder. I’d also like to thank those of you who have welcomed me into their blogrolls and twitter lives, thanks, everso.

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