Happy Coming Out Day!!

I should have posted something earlier, and you probably already know anyway… but just in case, here’s a link to a page on the History of National Coming Out Day.

So what are you doing or did you do to celebrate the day? Probably something queer, right? Going out on the town, doing something political, being visibly queer (political and personal) or just being your fabu queer self with your sweety/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/person-you-just-made-eye-contact with? Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy yourself and feel proud and empowered throughout it all.

As for myself, The Girlfriend and I will be going to a straight jazz club with a straight friend and probably be surrounded by, gasp, straight people. But isn’t that the best way to be visibly queer on a day like this? The club is in Ballard, the Egan’s Ballard Jam House, and if you happen to be there, we’ll be that really hot obvious butch-femme couple.


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