For those of you visiting for the first time…

Some of you are visiting Butchtastic for the first time because you’ve read a guest post I have on NeutroisNonsense.  Some of you are friends of mine, some are friends of my wife, some are friends of both of us.  You probably already knew about me being trans, you may have also known that I was a writer.  You might not have known that I’m an erotica writer. You may also not have known that my wife and I are in a polyamorous relationship and have been for about 8 years.

Until I redesign this site, everything I post is visible right when you visit.  That means that if I post a kinky sex story about role play – for example – it’s going to be right there when you come to this blog.  In the future, I will have different content channels, so that if you do want to read sexy stories, you will be able to choose that content and if not, you can read about other stuff – like parenting, and gender, and activism and poly relationships.  Until then, reader beware – if you scroll down from here, you’re taking your chances.

Some concerns have been raised that this poly thing is all about me and she’s not getting any benefit from our arrangement.  That could not be further from the truth.  This is a mutually beneficial relationship. Like any long term couple, we are always working to strengthen and improve our relationship AND being poly has been a very positive change for us.  And we’ve been doing this for 8 years already, so it’s not new.  This blog focuses on my adventures on purpose:  my wife is more private than I and I respect her wishes to keep her adventures private.  I’m an exhibitionist.  If you have any other questions on that, feel free to email or message me.


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Sleep Issues

For about eight years now, I’ve been aware that I had an issue with sleeping.  I remember my girlfriend waking me up and being very alarmed.

“You stopped breathing!”

Oh, that’s what that is, I thought to myself.  I’d been aware that I’d been waking up periodically during the night and vaguely aware that it had something to do with breathing, but now I knew for sure.  I had sleep apnea.

Fast forward to this past year when both my sleep apnea, and excessive and loud snoring have made sleeping difficult, both for myself and my wife and partner.  Between the snoring and the sleep apnea, I haven’t had a solid, deep night of sleep in a long time and it shows.  I’m tired most of the time and not just physically, but mentally.  So, after thinking about it and saying I should do something for more than a year now, I finally went in to talk to a doctor about my problem.

I should mention that I’ve found a way to stop a lot of the throat snoring.  My NP, who is also a throat snorer, recommended a mouth guard type device that helps create a bit more space in my throat.  It works fairly well, though if I lie on my back, I’ll go back to snoring as usual. It also didn’t stop my nose snoring, though my wife says she can sleep through that.  With the appliance in place, I’m getting better sleep – I’m not waking myself up from snoring anymore.

I still have the sleep apnea, though.  And that means I still have the potential to develop a variety of nasty illnesses and conditions if I leave it untreated – high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, acid reflux/GERD, headaches, mental illness. Oh that last one.  I remember when the girls were each babies and we were dealing with sleep deprivation on a grand scale – definitely within a hair’s breadth of depression and mental illness. Post-partum depression is easy to understand when you get no sleep for months on end.

For all these very good reasons, I got a referral to a sleep clinic in town and had a consultation.  There was a stack of paper work for me to fill out including a little questionnaire to gauge my sleep issues, along the lines of ‘How likely are you to follow asleep in these circumstances’.  I scored a 10+ which put me in the “Yep, you sure do have a sleep issue. Please don’t fall asleep in the waiting room.”  Doc asked some questions, I filled him in on my history with sleep issues.   I told him about my parents, who are both on CPAP machines to treat their sleep apnea. He took a look at my throat opening and reeled off a medical term that meant narrow throat opening’. It’s hereditary.  Sometimes extreme weight gain will bring on sleep apnea, for me, even if I dropped a bunch of weight, I wouldn’t lose the sleep apnea. When I lie down on my back, and fall asleep, the base of my tongue collapses into the back of my throat and cuts it off.

Yep, not much question I’ve got sleep apnea, so I need a CPAP.  And to get to that point I need to take a sleep study.  He talked a bit about what a lab sleep study entailed. Then he asked about my insurance – which has a high deductible.. Yada yada.. So I’m holding off on all of it for now.  Sleep apnea testing and treatment aren’t cheap.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about how I inherited this condition and about Darwinism.  My genetic makeup is such that my body is likely to choke me in my sleep. Think on that for a moment.  That’s a lovely thing to inherit from your ancestors, don’t you think?

The bummer about this, besides the list of health issues that can arise because of my condition, is how effing tired I am every day.  I would take a nap every day if I could manage it.  Sometimes I begin to nod off at work – usually in the afternoon, but sometimes in the morning, too.  You might suggest that I go to sleep earlier in the evening but if I did that, 1) my sleep quality is such that I’m not sure I’d get more quality rest and 2) I need that time to socialize, hang with my loves, have sex, do creative work, etc.  It’s a bad cycle, I know.  I stay up until at least 10 at night, I’m up fairly early most days, I’m sleepy throughout the day. I fantasize sometimes about being well rested and what kind of difference that would make in my ability to focus on my relationships and creative work.  And feel better.

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Catching Up and Ranting

All month long, I’ve been challenging myself to do tangible writing work every day.  I called it the 1,000 word challenge in my Camp NaNoWriMo description, but success not always about writing a certain number of words a day.  Some days the right (write) work to do is business planning for the blog, to provide me with a platform for my writing, a place to promote my published work and related activities.  Some days the work is editing my work so I can submit it for publication.  And still other days are for visioning, for doodling new website layouts and drawing diagrams of how my social media accounts will fit in.

Coming up, I have a new way to hit my 1,000 words a day goal.  I’m taking my third online class from LitReactor.  I’ve taken an erotica writing class from Rachel Kramer Bussel, and a grammar class.  This one is called “Writing from your Queer Heart” by Cooper Lee Bombadier.  The class starts tomorrow and runs to May 24th.  We already have lectures and assignments uploaded, I’M SO EXCITED.  There are only 6 people in the class, which I think will be really cool, given the topic.  Right now I am having difficulty not just diving in… but I have to finish this post and also, do some work.. I guess.

Work has been really tough lately.  Not the actual work, which is actually not very challenging normally.  I’ve gone up the learning curve and now I’ve plateaued.  The really rough part of my current job isn’t the work, it’s the culture, the management style and sometimes, the difficulty collaborating in a highly hierarchical organization where I have responsibility for the success of my projects, but not much power over the resources I use.  Throw in the changing priorities, requirement to do multiple kinds of status and activity reports and… I don’t fit in well any more.  My company got bought out almost 2 years ago and myself and my co-workers went from super high morale to ‘get me out of here’ before we hit the year and a half mark.  I’m actively seeking a new job and doing my best not to completely phone it in while I eagerly search for my escape route.

Speaking of things that are tough, the bumper crop of transphobic bathroom laws and proposed laws popping up across the country have made it pretty tough to be a non-passing trans or gender non-conforming person.  There are stories from all over the country about people being harassed trying to use women’s restrooms.  So far I haven’t heard anything about someone being harassed in a men’s room, but that’s not surprising.  The target of bathroom policing is non-passing trans women and others who don’t conform to the viewer’s idea of who belongs in a particular gender segregated space.  None of the rhetoric has been about men concerned about trans men taking  pee in the same room.  The groups sponsoring these bills talk about ‘privacy’ and ‘safety’ and use scare tactics about sexual predators dressing up as women in order to find victims in women’s rooms.  We all know that’s a smoke screen and none of their reasoning holds up to scrutiny any more than toilet paper is going to help you clean up an overflowing toilet.  In North Carolina, calls to the suicide hotlines have doubled since the governor (whose name I will not type for fear of invoking his malevolent presence) signed a law that not only restricts bathroom use according to what’s on our birth certificates, but also prevents local jurisdictions from enacting laws that support equal rights for LGBTQ+ people (< though I bet the target audience could be expanded) and overturns any that have been enacted.

I haven’t heard any increased stress and anxiety expressed in my Pizza Klatch groups – yet.  My co-facilitator and I have been keeping them informed of the efforts in Washington to introduce bathroom policing and imploring the voting aged students to get registered and be ready to vote against the initiatives that have popped up to continue the work that died in the legislature earlier this year.  We hear about students being harassed all over the country for being gender non-conforming or trans and I am not confident we won’t have instances closer at hand.  PK has done a great job of creating more awareness for LGBTQ+ issues in the area schools, but that doesn’t mean that all students, staff, faculty and administrators are on board with preventing transphobia.  My heart already breaks every time I hear about a young trans person being harassed, assaulted, murdered or committing suicide – I can’t even think about it happening to one of the youth in our area, or my own group or my kid.  But that’s where we are, that’s the world we live in right now.  Bullies who have grown up and gotten elected and promoting hate under the guise of safety and privacy.  We all know what it’s really about, don’t we?

Transphobia overwhelmingly targets trans women and contains elements of misogyny and homophobia. And all of those have roots in the idea that women are inferior, that anything feminine is inferior.  No one is safer because of those laws.  You want to stop sexual assaults?  Figure out how to stop straight cis men from raping.  But we can’t do that, can we?  Because that would start to look like we were going to hold men accountable and boys will be boys, won’t they?  As some memes have pointed out, given the complete lack of evidence that trans people have assaulted anyone in a bathroom, ever, the real way to make those spaces safer is by restricting the access of Catholic priests, Republican politicians and other statistically prolific sexual predators.

Instagram shot, 'It wasn't just about water fountains then, it's not just about bathrooms now"

Anyway, I know I’m mostly preaching to the choir, but I needed to vent a little bit.  I’m scared, scared and exhausted.  I want to get on with doing the great, beautiful, amazing things of life and we keep getting dragged back down into this mire with people who can’t figure out that they are the problem, they are the enemy of safety and privacy.  They are the enemy of love and I just want to concentrate on loving.

Hug someone you love today.  Take a moment to reach out to a trans person or someone who is nonbinary or gender nonconforming.  Come out as an ally, please.  If it’s safe, of course.  And if it’s safe, speak out when you can to shut down people stuck in the ignorant mud bog of believing that trans people are scary and dangerous.  Conservatives are making us the new boogie man, the new scary monster to replace gay marriage.  People crossing and obliterating gender conformity have always been an easy mark. Sometimes those people become revered super stars, but not everyone can be Bowie or Prince.  Most of the time gender outlaws are the ones getting beat up on the playground, spit on in the hallways, beaten or murdered in alleyways and homes they might have felt safe in.  If you can, if it’s not unsafe, please show your support of gender outlaws in your life.  Do it today, do it tomorrow, keep doing it.  Hopefully others will join you in that support. Ok, enough rambling.  Take care, love each other.


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Business Planning for Butchtastic

I’ve been working a lot on my business plan lately and I’ve made some decisions.  I’m definitely going to engage someone to do a website design and work with me on social media and SEO strategy.  I’m definitely going to utilize Patreon to help finance the blog and related activities, as well as some reimbursement for the creative content I publish here.  I will have have multiple levels for monthly contributions, with incentives for each.

Along with the make-over and subscription model, I’m going to get regular about my posts here, with at least 4 per month.  I will be posting at least one new erotic story each month.  I will also bring back the Suburban Butch Dad Report as a regular monthly feature.  I will have one or two other regular features on a monthly or quarterly basis (hint: may involve video).  I’d also like to get more visual on a regular basis, so I may introduce a regular photo feature of some kind.

My initial financial goals are to cover the cost of hosting and registering this blog.  After that, some goals are: get paid for the creative work of writing erotica, finance attending one kink conference per year, cover membership to the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture, have funding for kink classes, new tools and toys, etc.   The most challenging piece of this is coming up with a value for my writing.  Luckily, there are great resources around to help me with that.

The ideas I have for subscription levels are $5, $10, $50, $100 per month.  Each level would have a set of incentives, as with crowd-sourcing platforms.  I’m still working on incentives, some ideas are:  handwritten thank you notes, audio readings sent to patrons, some kind of Butchtastic swag, custom stories, recordings of me reading the patron’s favorite dirty story, custom printed chapbook with stories selected by the patron.

What incentives would you like to see and at what level?  Are there monthly or quarterly features that you would get particular joy in seeing?  What have you seen on other blogs or websites that you think would work here?

I’m really excited about all of this and I hope that once you see the changes, you’ll be excited with me.

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Puppy Love

Last night, I came to her as a dog.  We were lying on her bed and she reached out to stroke my belly, playing with my fur.  My left leg started kicking and I moaned.  She said, “That’s a good puppy, are you a good puppy?” “Woof!” I replied.  Her hands petted me all over and I squirmed happily under her attention.  She leaned over to give me a kiss and I licked her mouth – enthusiastic and a bit sloppy.  She laughed rubbed the center of my chest.  That felt so so so good, and I let her know I liked it by licking her arm and then her nipple.

“Good dog” she said and lay down beside me.  “Come here, boy, lick me, that’s a good boy.”

I obeyed because I’m a good dog.  I licked her nipples, big strong licks and shorter softer ones.  She moaned and squirmed and I knew I was making her happy.  I remembered being a very young puppy with my mama.  I tucked my teeth back and nursed on her, sucking her teets into my mouth and imagining the sweet warm milk splashing against my tongue and swallowing it down to my belly.  She was rubbing my belly again and I whined against her chest.  I couldn’t help the way I reacted when she reached lower.  My hips began bucking and my cock grew hard and emerged from its furry shaft.  She wasn’t angry with me though, she touched me there, on my sensitive tip and spoke in soft gentle tones.  I stopped nursing and licked her face, twice, to say thank you.

“That’s my good boy, such a big boy.  This feels good, doesn’t it? Of course it does, you’re a big strong boy for me, aren’t you?”

She went on like this and continue to stroke me with her warm hands while I whined and bucked.  I know I had to be still, I was a good boy and did as I had been trained.  I had to wait until she gave me the right commands before I could do anything more.

She told me to sit and I did, watching her as she put a pad down on the bed and lay back down on it.  “Don’t want to make a mess, do we, boy?”

I wagged my tail in agreement.  I know about the messes, and was grateful that even if I helped make them, I was never in trouble for them.  She arranged herself on the pad and spread her legs open. The scent of her hit me so hard I began to pant, my tongue lolling.  I had learned not to put my nose in her crotch unless she gave me the command, but I had not learned how to not want my nose there.  She reached one hand between her legs and one hand between my back legs.  Her hand on my cock sent a tremor through my body.  She reached further and gently massaged my balls.

“Do you have a big load for me, boy? Are you going to fill me up with your doggie come?”  She didn’t need me to answer, she knew already that I did.  I looked to where her other hand was and gave a little whine.  She was fingering herself and I could hear the slick-slurpy sounds of her wetness. The smell of her was filling the room.  I could barely contain myself.

She let go of me and patted her sweet smelling mound. “You know what to do, boy.  Come down here and use that big doggie tongue on me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice.  Mmmmm, I loved the taste of her.  Sweet, salty, tangy.  I burrowed my nose between her legs and got some good long sniffs before using my tongue.  I knew just how to make her feel good with big long licks from her ass upward and short quick licks across her clit.  I kept a specific rhythm for a while, I knew she liked it because she moaned and cried out and pressed up against me. Her hands were pulling my head downward, pressing me against her.  I knew to take deep breathes so I wouldn’t run out of air.  And all the while, she told me I was doing a good job.

“OH YES, GOOD DOG.  My good, good boy, yes, lick me up, lick me all up. Good boy!”

I lost my rhythm and began licking and sucking everything I could get into my mouth.  I even used my teeth a little.  I was very careful. She squirted warm juice all over my face when I did that and I lapped it all up, cleaning her thighs and ass and all the places in between.

She patted her chest, “Come up here, yes, you are such a good boy.”

I did as commanded and could feel my cock, partly out of its sheath, rubbing against her belly.  I couldn’t help but give a couple of thrusts to press it against her.  She gave me a light slap on the shoulder, “No, no.  You know better than that. Not until I tell you.”

I hung my head down. I was embarrassed that I’d been a bad boy.

“No, no, you’re my good boy.  Come here and give me kisses.”

I happily gave her big sloppy dog kisses and also slipped my tongue into her mouth, the way she liked.  She sucked and tugged on my tongue and I was sorely pressed to keep my hips still.  My cock was painfully erect and I whimpered a little to let her know that I needed release soon.

“Yes, I know.  You’ve been such a good boy and now you need a reward, don’t you?”  Her voice was soft and kind and I loved her so much I couldn’t help but lick all over her face to let her know.

She laughed, I love her laugh.  She patted the bed off to one side “Ok, boy, sit.”

I did as commanded.  I sat and waited while she got a glass of water and held it out to me.  “You drink first, that’s a good boy.”

I lapped up some water, very grateful that I had such a good mistress who took such good care of me. She also drank from the glass.  She kneeled on the bed in front of me and took my face in both of her hands.

“Are you my good boy?”


“Do you know what’s going to happen next?”

I woofed and wagged my tail, lolling my tongue out.  Oh yes, I knew.

She laughed again at my eagerness.  “Yes, it’s time to breed, isn’t it?”

At the sound of the word ‘breed’ a feeling ran through me like an electric shock.  I was quivering all over with anticipation.

“Yes, my sweet boy, I know you’re ready.  You know to wait until I give you the signal, right?”


I watched as she got into position on her hands and knees.  I took a deep sniff and smelled her, knew she was open and wet and ready for me.  I watched her intently, waiting for the signal.

She looked at me, smiling, she knew I was eager and enjoyed making me wait a little more.  I wagged my tail.


That was the signal.  I move forward eagerly and pressed my nose between her thighs again.  I licked and found her hole and lapped up the moisture I found there.

She groaned and pressed back against my face.  And grew impatient.

“Come on your dirty dog, get up on your bitch and breed her!”

That word again.  I shot up and covered her, moving my hips until the tip of my cock found her opening.  I pressed into her quickly and held her torso between my forelegs, my muzzle against her shoulders. We found a rhythm as my hips bucked against her ass and my cock grew and pressed deeply inside her.

“OH GOD, oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, breed your bitch… fuck fuck… YES!  Good dog!”

I lost myself in the act of rutting – growling and taking nips of her back and shoulders.  She cried out in pain and I didn’t stop.  She knew I wouldn’t and she didn’t want me to.  I fucked her hard and fast and shot load after load deep into her.  I thought about the babies I was breeding her with, the litters she would bear for me.  But mostly I didn’t think at all, I was a machine.  A furry fucking machine breeding my bitch.

When I finally came back to myself a little, she was pressed down against the bed under me, breathing in little gasps.  My cock was still hard and knotted inside her so I shifted my weight as much as I could to ease up on her.  She motioned with her hand and I leaned down as best I could to put my head there.  She stroked my face clumsily and told me that I was a good boy, a good dog and that she was very happy and proud of me.  I licked her hand in thanks.

When I could disengage, I pulled out gently and with a very soft, gentle tongue, bathed her.  She rolled over on her back and gave my head little pets as I licked her clean.  Then I curled up next to her, my head on her chest.  She pulled a blanket over us.  This was a special treat, being under the covers with her.

Before we both fell asleep, she told me again what a good dog I was.  I nuzzled her and gave her a gentle face lick.  Breeding is hard work and I was tired.  Before long, I was asleep and dreaming doggy dreams of chasing butterflies and meeting good-smelling girls in short skirts.


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Blogs and Money

Almost every day, I see an ad on social media touting someone’s methods for monetizing blogs.  I haven’t clicked on one yet.  When I started this blog, my motivation wasn’t to make money through Butchtastic directly, though I hoped my writing would get me there eventually.  And ‘eventually’ has arrived because by the time summer is over, I’ll have made money from three stories, two published in anthologies.

In the early days, I did sex toy reviews and I’ve done some movie and book reviews as well.  I didn’t get paid for reviews – which is proper – but I did get product and that was a nice perk.  The sex toy companies I worked with back then have cut back or eliminated their affiliate programs and my interest had waned even before that point.

Other bloggers are finding ways to monetize their blogs.  Sinclair Sexsmith of Sugarbutch Chronicles has been using Patreon to fund a post a week – chapters in a novella – the culminating work will be offered free to Patrons.  Patreon is a crowdsourcing platform built on pledges of monthly payments.  Sugarbutch had advertising at one time, but the cleaner format designed by rife is much nicer without all that commercial messiness.

Micah at NeutroisNonsense is also using Patreon to fuel a monthly feature involving a topic and guest contributors.  People are invited to contribute as little as $1 a month for access to special features from Micah.

Creating and selling products is another way of monetizing our creative urges.  BD Swain, another butch smut writer, doesn’t advertise or use Patreon or other crowdfunding, but recently created a deck of very sexy cards, 52 Pick Up – Play Dirty, for sale at $10 a piece.  Photos by BD.  Sinclair recently published an anthology of their work, Sweet and Rough (which I need to finish reading so I can post a review here).

Other blogs use advertising, sometimes with some of the previously mentioned tactics, to raise money.  I’ve shied away from advertising – I find it visually messy and I have the privilege of being able to support my hosting fees without it.  That said, things are changing in the coming year and I am looking for ways that my writing can start to pay its way in the world.

I met someone earlier in the week who introduced himself as a ‘working writer’ and that’s what I aspire to be.  Getting paid for anthology inclusion is a great way to start.  Finishing my eBook and getting that on Amazon would be another great step.  I’m also going to explore Patreon and consider how I can leverage that platform.  The initial goal is to pay for my hosting, which is about $120 per year and domain registration which is another $12 a year.  So if I could earn $132 a year and just pay for the blog, I’d break even.  The further goal is to have my writing pay for more and more of my kinky writer-life expenses: sex toys, registration for kink events, membership to the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture, registration for writing conferences, etc.  That would be super cool and a step in the direction of being a working writer.  I don’t expect all my income to be generated here, but I hope to use this as a platform for some of that monetary reward.

To recap, I’m going to finish my eBook and advertise it here and wherever else I can.  I’m going to look into Patreon, which brings me to the audience participation portion of this post:  What would you pay per month to support me?  What would you want in return? Some ideas are access to special writing features, free copies of some printed collections, photos, exclusive newsletters, etc. Help me brainstorm!  Ohhhh… and I had another idea, something Red and I have been kicking around – video taped pornscapades.  I’m sure we could find a way to monetize that, though I need to talk to my wife and get her blessing and consent.  Maybe we could use videos as a part of the exclusive Patron incentives.  Hmmm… ideas.

I really do want to hear ideas from you reader, whether you are a long time loyal Butchtastic fan or one of my new readers.  I’m looking for ways to creatively raise money through dirty stories and I want to make sure my investors are getting a good value back. Shoot me an email at Kyle at or comment here on the blog.


Also in the thinking pan:  giving this blog a much needed face lift, most likely paying someone to help me design and update the whole thing.

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Guest Post on Sugarbutch Chronicles

Friend and fellow queer smut writer, Sinclair Sexsmith, extended a gracious invitation to be a guest poster to Sugarbutch Chronicles and I jumped at the chance.  My story, Tiger Stripes, posted there today. Go on, check it out and let Sinclair know what you think.

And, to Sin:  thank you!

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Exactly500Words, Pi and Pie

My birthday is today, March 14th, 3/14, Pi Day.  Besides being Pi Day, the coolest thing about my birthday is that I share it with Albert Einstein.  I didn’t even think about the association with pi, until I started seeing things on Facebook a few years back – it’s been celebrated since 1998 but wasn’t designated by Congress until 2009. For the last few years, I’ve celebrated my birthday by having a Pi Day celebration and invited friends to bring pies and other round food.  Every year, I look forward to seeing what amazing round foods we’ll have to enjoy.

I’ve been thinking about pi and pies today; about roundness, irrationality and infinite random numbers.  Did you know that pi is an not only an irrational number but transcendental one? How does this impact those of us born on the Day of Pi?  Pi is irrational because it can’t be expressed as an integer fraction. Un-Ratio-nal.  Pisceans (Pi-sceans) are often described as spacey, heads-in-the-clouds people who live more in fantasy than reality.  I chafe at that description, though I do have my space-cadet moments, I don’t think we Pisces have the corner on living in fantasy.  On the other hand, major important parts of my life happen on the inside of my skull.  Luckily, I’m a writer, so living with one foot in my imagination is an expected occupational hazard.  This vocation dovetails nicely with being a Piscean.

As I said, pi is a transcendental number.  What does that mean? It’s not the kind of transcendental that we gain through the practice of meditation or by learning about eastern religions or philosophies.  Pi is transcendental in a mathematical way, as it is not the root of any non-zero polynomial having rational coefficients. Not being mathy, that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.  I do like the idea of both irrationality and transcendentalism being associated with my birthday, however.  I think it introduces something magical. And yes, I do believe that magical things can happen.  I guess I’m irrational after all.

I’ve long considered Albert Einstein the Patron Saint of Pi Day babies.  This was a guy steeped in science and mathematics, who was also a dreamer.  I imagine him riding his bicycle around Princeton, letting his magnificent mind ponder and wander; making the amazing connections he is known for.  I have always had eclectic and wide-ranging interests and I take heart in the diversity of his role models, from Isaac Newton to Ghandi, and that he was a musician and a scientist.  He once said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and science.”

It is difficult to witness the mysterious if we stick with a rational path. In my search for mystery and magic, I happily follow the model of Einstein and the example of pi – embracing the power of irrationality, allowing myself to transcend the ordinary and opening my mind the infinite  possibilities available in life.

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Non-Binary Writers Needed for Anthology

There is an anthology in the works that is a collection of stories by non-binary people about their experiences. It’s been underway for a couple of years now and one of the editors just mentioned to me that they could use some more diversity of perspectives.

If you’re genderqueer, genderfluid, gender non-binary – whatever your descriptive label is – and Male-assigned-at-birth or a person of color, please consider getting involved with this collection.  Comment here or email me at

And please share this with others, the more the merrier!

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e[LUST] #79, feat. For You, It’s Always Yes

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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Making Porn

My Valentine

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The One

Midweek Fantasizing – The Portrait

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

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Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

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Erotic Fiction

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Erotic Fiction: “Words”
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Erotic Non-Fiction

For You, It’s Always Yes
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Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

An Artist’s Story: Tails and Portholes
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Why Cosmo is the worst (again!)

Writing about Writing

Condoms: fictional contraceptive of choice
Writing Fat Characters In Erotica

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Masochistic Mastermind
Take me to where I need to be.


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