Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2014

The list is out and I am proud to see this blog on the list.  Also, thrilled for fellow butch sexblogger BD Swain to score in the top 10.  BD consistently writes hot hot stories that make me squirm and this honor is very well deserved.

I am down in the lower 90, which is still a great honor. I appreciate the recognition from my fellow dirty minds.

  1. Girl on the Net
  2. JoEllen Notte, The Redhead Bedhead
  3. Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, Oh Joy Sex Toy
  4. Nikki & Heather, Vagina Antics
  5. BD Swain, learning how to tell you
  6. Jillian Boyd, Lady Laid Bare
  7. Cheeky Minx, Love Hate Sex Cake
  8. Lilly, Dangerous Lilly
  9. Dr. NerdLove, Paging Dr. NerdLove
  10. Hyacinth Jones, A Dissolute Life Means

As always, my list actually only has 99 bloggers on it, because the final spot belongs to you! Comment on Rori’s post here with a link to your own blog so we can all check it out. :)

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I Know What You Been Doin’

You’re looking through the curtains at the parking lot.  I come up behind you, one arm around your waist, my other hand at the base of your throat, and I’m pressing my cock against your ass.

I breathe into your ear, you shudder against me and inhale sharply, about to say something.  I slide my hand up against your throat to stop you.

“Shhhhhhh… I know what you been doin’, girl.”  I put some country into my voice.  I want you to think about rural places and small towns and dark dirty secrets.

Your chest is heaving, I can imagine your mind is racing to catch up to the scene I’m prompting.

“What did I do?  I’m sorry, what did I…?” Your voice a hoarse whisper.

“I found your magazines, girl.  Found your nasty magazines with their sticky pages.  I know what you do with those magazines.” My hips are pressing a little harder against your ass.  The hand around your waist has dropped a bit lower, my hand now resting on your thigh.  My other hand is tightening slightly across your throat.  You squirm against me with a groan.  ”You like lookin’ at those men with their cocks hangin’ out, don’t you? You look at those dirty pictures and rub your naughty cunt, don’t you?”

“Daddy… I’m sorry… what… what are you going to do to me?” The mixture of anticipation and fear in your voice makes my clit pulse.

My hand slides over until my fingertips are resting on your pussy.  I’m breathing heavily into your ear, my mouth moist against it, “Well, seems you’re pretty interested in fucking, from what I can see of those nasty magazines you love so much.”  More heavy breathing, pulling your hips back against my cock and pressing my fingers against your pussy slit.  I’m wondering how wet you are, I’ll find out soon enough.

“Daddy.. what.. what are you doing.. Daddy…” You moan and lurch back against me.

“You like it, don’t you, nasty girl.  You like how it feels to have a hard cock against your ass.  I know your kind, slutty girls who want to fuck anything that moves.  Even your Daddy.” I’m stroking you up and down now and you’re responding, lifting your hips to follow my fingers.  Your hands gripping the window sill show white knuckles.

“You been lookin’ at them pictures so much, wishin’ you could touch them, wishin’ those men would put their dicks in your little hole.. that’s what you been thinkin’, isn’t it?”  My voice is soft and insistent against your ear.

“Ohhhh.. Daddy.. nooooo…” My hand is no longer against your throat, it’s slid down so my fingers can pinch your nipples.

I make my voice hard again, “Don’t you lie to me, girl.  Do not lie to your Daddy.”

You take a deep breath, a catch in your throat as you answer, “Daddy… yes.. yes, that’s what I want.  I’m so sorry, Daddy.  I can’t help it.”

“Ahhhh, baby… I understand’ Soft and sweet as honey.  ”No, you can’t help it, you’re a slutty girl and that’s just fine.  You are what you are”  I’m nuzzling your neck, hands playing across the front of your body.  ”Luckily, you have a Daddy who knows what you need and is willing to give it to you.”

“Daddy… what are you saying?  I don’t know, it wouldn’t be right… would it?” The breathy catch in your voice turns me on so much, something unnamed rises up in me and makes me want to throw you on the bed and tear your clothes off.  But I want to continue the scene, so I stifle that impulse.  For now.

“Some people would say it ain’t right for me to do what I’m gonna do to you, girl.  But my way of thinkin’ is that if you are gonna learn about fuckin’ you should learn from someone who loves you, not just some boy who’s gonna poke his dick into you and be done.”

You give a half sob, half moan and brace yourself against the windowsill, pressing back against my hard cock.  I chuckle darkly.

“Yeah, you want it, don’t you, slut?  You want your Daddy to fuck you, don’t you.” I lean my chest against your back and lick your ear, whispering, “Tell me you want it.”

Your biting your lip, breathing hard, “OhgodDaddy, yes.. please, I need it.. please fuck me Daddy, show me how to do it.”

I pull away abruptly, you gasp and turn your head, wild look in your eyes.  I take a few backward steps until I can sit on the bed.  I crook my finger, “Come over here, girl.”

You walk to me, eyes down, peeking at me through your eyelashes.  I reach out, grabbing your hand and pulling you roughly to me until you’re standing between my legs.  ”You wanna touch it, dirty girl? Go ahead, reach down and feel it.”

You reach out partway and then pull your hand back, biting your lip.  I grab your hand and place it over my bulge.  ”There, you like that? Go ahead, I know you want to squeeze it.” You do, tentatively at first, then more.  ”Yeah, slutty girl, you like it don’t you.”  You nod in agreement.  ”You made your Daddy’s cock hard.”  I lean back.  ”You want it in you, don’t you?”

You’re stroking me, licking your lips, “Daddy… can I see it, please?”

“This is way better than magazines, isn’t it?”  I unbuckle my belt and pull my buttons apart, then lean back again. “You go ahead and pull it out… pull out your Daddy’s cock, dirty girl.”

You look up and catch my eye.  The look in yours is wild, feral, full of heat.  It’s the look of my lover, enjoying the game and letting me know it. I give you a little smile and a wink.

You reach into my briefs and pull my hard pack out and begin stroking it.

“Huh, girl, you seem to know what you’re doing there. You been getting naughty with the boys at school?” I’m so hot already, the pressure of your strokes against my clit feels so good.

You give me a coy smile, “No, Daddy, this is the first time, I promise.  It’s just that it feels good… do you like what I’m doing Daddy? Should I keep doing it?”  This is one of those moments where if I let you, you’ll flip the scene and it won’t be ‘dirty Daddy taking advantage of his blossoming daughter’, it will be ‘slutty girl seduces Daddy’.  Not that it would be a bad thing, just not what I have in mind.

“Yeah, I like it fine, but I got something else in mind.”

I stand up and push you up onto the bed. “Time to pop your cherry, girl. Get your clothes off and spread your legs for Daddy.”

Again you flash me a look and I can feel it all the way to the root of my little cock.  You love the dirty talk, so do I. I strip down quickly, getting up on the bed between your legs.  You look so good, your gorgeous curves and soft skin waiting for me to appreciate them.  For a moment, I waver, a sudden rush of love hits me and threatens to push the dirty old man out of my mind.  I shake my head a little, you look at me quizzically and I smile to reassure you.  I begin to massage your thighs and run my fingers across your glistening sex.

“Look at you, girl, wet and ready for my cock.  You want it don’t you baby?  Tell Daddy how much you want him to fuck you.”

I start rubbing my cock head against you, rolling it around the rim of your hole.

“Ohgod, Daddy, yes, please.. please fuck me, Daddy, I need it!” You’re already moaning as if I’m inside you.  As I plunge into you hard and fast, your moan goes up in volume until it’s a shout.

“Girl, you need to hush.  I don’t need anybody knowin’ what we’re doin’ in here.”  You don’t quiet down and I kept fucking you, harder because I know that’s what you want and harder because I know you’ll get louder.

You’re holding your knees, giving me greater access to both your pussy and your ass.  I spank you and you yelp.  ”If you ain’t gonna quiet down, I’ll have to do something to get you quiet”  I warn.

You look me in the eye – a challenge – and get even louder.  In response, I reach over to where my packy and briefs sit in a heap on the bed.  Wadding the cloth up into the desired shape, I stop pumping you with my cock and lean toward your face.  You open your mouth as if to ask me to continue and I stuff my come-soaked briefs into your mouth.

Your eyes get big and then roll back a bit as you start working at your gag with your tongue.  ”Mmmmmm” you say.

“Nasty girl likes Daddy’s nasty underwear doesn’t she?”  You nod and I can hear that you are sucking on them.  Sucking the come out of them.  Gods, that’s dirtyhot.  I start slamming my hips into your hips, you’re lifting up to meet me, my forehead is dripping sweat onto your chest and face.  I lower my head to your shoulder while I grind deep.  You rake your fingernails across my shoulders and downward, I shout when you hit the soft skin around my waist and I bite hard into your flesh.  You cry out as best you can through the gag and writhe against me, pulling my cock even more deeply into you.  I’m no longer your Dirty Daddy, I’m your lover, the guy who knows what you need and gives it to you as hard as I can because that’s how you want it.

We’ve come several times apiece and I’m finally lying across your body, legs tangled with yours, both of us out of breath. I lift up to look at your face, shining with sweat and bliss.  My soaked briefs are somewhere on the floor, where I threw them so I could kiss you.

“How you feelin’ baby?  You get what you need from Daddy?” I’ve still got a soft country twang in my voice and I’m feeling loose and spent.  ”Next time you start touching yourself, you come find me and I’ll help you out.”

You loop your arms around my neck and grin happily, I return the smile and start giggling.  Very unDaddylike.  ”Oh, Daddy, I love you, you are the best Daddy.”

I lean down to kiss you, deeply, savoring your sweet mouth.  ”I love you, too, baby.  You are the best dirty girl.”

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Last Kiss

What is it about last kisses? Is it better to know what they are when they happen? Or to not know at the time? What do you think?

The two times I’ve known I was having last kisses with someone I loved, the feeling was like a ice cream swirl cone… a mixture of the passion you’ve always felt for that person and the impending sadness of parting. It’s kissing through tears.  It’s that familiar warmth and the oncoming chill absence. It’s a rich blend, like dark chocolate and hot peppers – the combination of which is something entirely it’s own, containing but exceeding the individual ingredients.

Kissing through the tears, knowing it’s the last time, it’s hard to know when to stop, when to seal her lips one last time with the love I feel for her.  But eventually, you do stop and you pull away and look her in the eyes and feel the love and the loss in every cell of your body.

Love and loss

Kissing through tears

Loving to the end

Walking away

Resisting the urge to turn around and run back for one more kiss


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Would You Buy an eBook of My Stories?

I’ve been working on an eBook for a while, a collection of stories that have appeared here, plus some extras that were published elsewhere or have not appeared anywhere yet. So far it’s 128 pages long. I would like to charge a little for it, using the proceeds to go toward my web hosting costs. The question is.. how much should I charge?

I’m thinking somewhere in the $2.99 to $4.99 range… but I’m curious what you’d pay to have some of my best, most popular stories on your Kindle or other eBook device.

The title is Everything She’s Asked For and the cover will feature a photo from the recent shoot with Evoë.

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Blades, and other hot stories in Elust #65


Photo courtesy of SassyCat

Welcome to Elust #65 -

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #66? Start with the rules, come back January 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

On Writing and Self Doubt

Online porn: the canary in the coalmine

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

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The Pendulum: Why Americans Should Care that British Porn is Fucked

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I Do It My Way

Erotic Non-Fiction

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Tickling, consent violations, and violence
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Yes, My Love, It Was Beautiful

She asked me, in a voice full of tears, “It was beautiful, wasn’t it?”

We were both crying into our phones, our hearts breaking as it sank in.  She’d just told me that she’d decided to pursue monogamy with someone else.

Yes, baby, it was beautiful.  You are beautiful and the love we shared was beautiful.

Yes, my love, I meant every word.  Every moment of being inside our love was beautiful, amazing, fulfilling.  I could feel myself expanding to include the universe, every time I looked into your eyes.

Those dreams we shared?  I felt them in my heart and soul, every moment was true.  Those fantasies we cultivated?  I was there with you, fully.

Was it real?  You’ve asked me that more than once.  Yes, my love, it was real.  I felt you moving inside my heart, dancing with my soul.  Every moment we spent loving each other has been completely real.

“Dive deep with me”, you invited, crooking your finger as you swam further into the deep end.  And I followed, it was scary at times, but I wanted to be with you, in those deep secret places you don’t share with everyone.  And I wanted you to be with me, in my deep secret places, blowing the dust off as I showed you my hidden treasures and wounds.

Yes, my sweet love, it was real and it was beautiful. No, I do not regret a moment.  I don’t regret falling in love with you with all of my being.  I know that ultimately you needed more than I could give, but I gave you all I could without reservation.  And I loved every moment of the vulnerability we shared.  No one can take that from us, baby, no one can take what we shared, the love we made together.  It stands as a bright high place in my memory, so bright, so warm and fantastic in it’s depth and breadth.  There’s no reason to give that up, to let go of what we had.  I will keep you in my heart forever.

We are still in love and that’s hard for both of us, because we have to make an effort to move away from that moment to moment intimacy we shared.  The pain is real, too.  Authentic, true and cutting.  This ache will dull over time, sweetheart, and in time it won’t hurt as much to revisit our memories.  We are talking, sharing, loving each other as we work our way out of the daily affirmation of being in love to affirmations of deep friendship.  Your love is so precious to me, I hope you know that, I know it’s hard sometimes.  I do love you and I know you love me. I know you had to make the decision that aligned with your truth.  I honor your truth, I support your decision, I want you to be happy.

This is a challenging time for us.  The wounds still fresh, still so easily stinging over a word or comment.  My hope is that we move forward as dear, loving friends.  I want to be your safe harbor and I dearly wish to keep you to be my confidant.

Yes, my love, it was beautiful and completely ours.  You came into my life like a lightening bolt from a clear sky: singular, unforgettable, incomparable.  There has never been anyone like you in my life and there is no one who can replace or eclipse what we have shared together.

I wish you the best, my sweet, brave Oregon Girl.  Yes, baby, it was beautiful and no one can take that away from us.  I love your courageous heart with all of mine.

Spread your gorgeous wings and fly, my love.  Find your paradise.  I will go on loving you and appreciating the beauty of your flight.



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growl in my ear
bite my face
rut on me
your great need
I want it
spend it on me

ancient dance
primal animal
dirt and bones
grit and heat
searing breath
gnashing teeth

give me your ancient rights
your primordial need
open me up and roll in me
leave your seed and your scent
mark me like your favorite tree

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Trans*date 12.10.2014: Growing…

I began taking testosterone on June 18th, today is my 176th day on T, almost 6 months.

The small scruffy beard I’ve had since my 30s is filling out and my butch mustache is getting thicker and darker.  Along my jawline the peach fuzz is now starting to show darker invaders, but they are very far and few still.

I have had a couple of hairs on the center of my chest for years but recently they’ve been joined by others, many others.  Still sparse and spread out but more and more visible.  And a bit itchy.

My voice is much lower now than it was before transition.  The voice log post I recently did illustrates that pretty well.  And speaking of lower, changes have happened below, too.  My clit is thickening and when I get turned on, I have a small erection.. small compared to cis male penises but huge compared to my pre-T butch erections.  Like, whoa.

Emotionally I feel great about transitioning.  My head is clear, I’m not tormented with questions about whether I should or shouldn’t.  The farther I go on this path, the better and more right it feels.

Physical transition is underway, but social transition has stalled a bit.  A friend of mine expressed surprise that I wasn’t using men’s rooms yet.  I explained that at work I can use a single stall unisex bathroom and other wise I work at home.  In the evening, when I’m out at bars and such, I haven’t yet felt like I wanted to take the step of switching.  He’s a trans guy, many years into his transition, and he reassured me that most of the time, guys won’t even pay any attention.  I know that the real issue is my internal resistance. I guess I just need to decide to cut over and do it.

Of all the steps I’ve taken, that one intimidates me the most.


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Interview with BD Swain on Reprobait

Retrobait Magazine has an interview with BD Swain that I very much enjoyed reading.  I admire BD’s style and ability to write stories that get me hot and squirming in my seat.  Reading this interview, it struck me how similar we are in terms of why writing queer erotica appeals to us and why we got into it in the first place.

If you don’t know about BD Swain yet and you like well-written queer erotica, you should check her out.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Trans*date 12.5.2014: Voice Changes

Here are three different recordings of the same song, one in August, one in July and one in November.

Before starting to take testosterone:


About a month and a half on T:


November, 5 months on T:



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